Indian Doctors in North Carolina

Indians in the U.S., both middle aged and older people, feel more comfortable with Indian doctors.

Also, many elderly and middle-aged Indian-Americans in North Carolina either do not speak English or have great difficulty in following the accent of an American doctor.

For them a visit to an Indian origin doctor who speaks their language seems like a blessing.

Besides English, Indian doctors usually speak languages like Gujarati, Hindi, Punjabi or Telugu making it easier for patients to explain their ailments.

Another plus for desis in dealing with Indian physicians is that these doctors are familiar with Indian dietary and food habits.

Here are a few Indian doctors in Cary and Charlotte, North Carolina:

Cary Medical Clinic
550 New Waverly Place, Ste 105
Cary, NC 27511
Ph: 919-233-2022

Sheena Kapadia
1918 Randolph Rd, Ste 440
Charlotte, NC 28207
Ph: 704-342-8115

South Charlotte Pediatrics
10410 Park Rd, Ste 100
Charlotte, NC 28210
Ph: 704-540-6860